Tinder’s New Gender Feature Has Led To A CRAZY Amount Of Matches

14 March 2017, 14:56 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Swipin' right like there's no tomorrow.

Let's admit it, we all love a scroll and a swipe through Tinder. And despite the fact we're sick of unwanted dick pics, we all know someone who know someone who met their soulmate on this hellfire app so we refuse to give up because dammit we're good people. From finding a hookup to ever-lasting love, Tinder has changed the way we date and has had a huge impact on society, so when we learned about their brand new feature, we did a seriously big cheer because it's opening up the doors to love for so many more people.




Surprisingly, Tinder has always focussed on two genders- male and female therefore making the site exclusive to those with a binary identity. However, that's about to change as Tinder are realising it's 2017 and have create more gender options. Since the addition of a whopping 37 new genders, Tinder have claimed it's led to over 250,000 new matches which means a whole lotta loving for all!

The new Tinder gender additions include but are not limited to:

  • Bigender (someone who experiences both genders)
  • Gender questioning (those still unsure and still exploring)
  • Pansgender (those who feel they identify with all genders)
  • Transfeminine (someone who was born male but who identifies more with the female gender than the male)

According to Tinder, the amount of users is in the "tens of millions" which means a whole lot of people were either on the app and listed as the wrong gender or couldn't use the app all together because they couldn't find a place within it for their identity.

Since the update, Tinder have claimed that over 250,000 new matches have happened which clearly can only be a positive! We're pleased one of the biggest technology companies in the world are finally recognising changes in society and trying to pioneer a movement which discusses and accepts all genders.