Toby "Tobuscus" Turner's MULTIPLE Sexual Abuse Allegations: Everything We Know So Far

11 April 2016, 09:27 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Toby Turner joins a long line of alleged abusers within the YouTube community as numerous claims of abuse have been made public.

UPDATE: Toby has since addressed the accusations made against him. Watch the full video here.

 Toby Turner has been accused of multiple instances of emotional, sexual, and drug abuse.

Known on YouTube as "Tobuscus", Turner is a comedian, actor and gamer with over 15 million subscribers across several channels. On Friday April 8th, YouTube creator April Fletcher, known online as AprilEfff, posted on Tumblr about her alleged abusive on-off relationship with former collaborator Turner, dating back between 2011 and 2014.

April reportedly met Turner in 2011, and moved to LA to work with him, where the two began seeing each other behind the scenes.

April's detailed account of her experiences with Turner include multiple cases of emotional manipulation, rape, and drug abuse - including one instance of spiking a drink.

April was motivated to come forward after visiting Toys-R-Us and seeing Tobuscus included in the Tube Heroes toy line, deeply concerned that Turner is being marketed to children as a "hero".

"Parents don’t know how terrible and toxic he is. How he hurts and destroys the best part of you," April concludes in her statement. "A hero doesn’t disrespect, abuse, rape, and drug women."


Tobuscus' likeness in the Tube Heroes toy line

Since releasing her statement, several fellow creators and associates of Toby Turner have come forward in support.

Amelia Talon, another ex of Turner's, posted a follow-up video recounting his alleged drug-fuelled and sexually aggressive behaviour, towards both herself and other women in front of her (UPDATE - Amelia's video has since been removed from YouTube).

Clare Lourdes, Turner's former assistant, posted a statement to Facebook in support of April: basing her input on her experience working for him, she says the women affected "deserve to be heard, acknowledged and understood. Not doubted and disparaged."

Max Landis, who was referenced in April's statement, weighed in with his recount of their relationship; admitting that Turner referred to April as a "delusional social climber" and accused Max of sleeping with women involved with him:

Logan Rapp, the former editor-in-chief of editorial site New Media Rockstars, recounts an experience at an awards event in which he witnessed Turner forcing himself on an unnamed female colleague, and the subsequent lack of coverage that friends of Turner at NMR enforced.

Jaclyn Glenn, yet another on-off ex of Turner, shared her story in response to April; discussing inconsistencies in April's story and her own input in helping him combat drugs and alcohol. She also references times in which she felt "pressured" by Turner to do things, as well as corroborating his history of cheating.

Jaclyn's video referenced Irish YouTuber Melanie Murphy, who had recently moved to LA and Turner was allegedly seeing at the same time as Jaclyn. Melanie has responded in support of the video, and has apparently recorded her own video about the incident.

Fans of Tobuscus are primarily turning on anyone speaking out, criticising them for "lack of proof" or "not going to the police".

Many have joined in a theory that lines in her statement have been lifted from Marvel Netflix series Jessica Jones; though this may be down to this story being their first real-life experience of an abusive relationship.

A lengthy Facebook post, reportedly from Turner's mother Jackie, has been circulating; speaking out against April and breaking down major parts of her statement that she believes to be inconsistent. However, the account associated with the post has since been deactivated.

Toby Turner has yet to respond to any of the allegations.

This is the latest in a long series of allegations of abuse amongst the YouTube community, primarily by influential male content creators. Most of the accused names have not been charged, but have in many ways been excommunicated from the YouTube community. Few continue to make content on the site after accusations against them are made public.

UPDATE: Toby has responded in a brief video denying all allegations.