The Toby Turner Allegations Just Took Some STRANGE Turns

13 April 2016, 15:31 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Statements and videos accusing Toby Turner of abuse are being deleted, while some new old stories come to light.

Following the allegations of sexual abuse made this weekend by April Efff and several others against Toby Turner, and his response on Monday, several more developments are underway.

Amelia Talon, another ex of Turner's who uploaded a vlog in support of April and corroborating Toby's behaviour towards women, has since deleted the video without any explanation: but continues to Tweet and retweet supportively.

Tim baker tweeting about toby turner

Tim Baker, a gaming YouTuber who has previously worked with Turner, referred ominously to an "NDA" that prevents him from disclosing any further details about his experience. An NDA is a Non Disclosure Agreement which essentially stops someone from talking about a particular incident, topic or person. However this may not refer to the recent allegations; some believe he is referring to a livestreaming event from 2014, in which Turner was drunkenly advancing on What's Trending host Shira Lazar.

The event has been recorded and reposted, where it was brought to the attention of the internet by #DramaAlert host Keemstar. Commenters on the original upload have noted on how "uncomfortable" Shira appears to be, which was supported by Baker in follow-up tweet that has since been deleted.

Curiously, Keem, who has been vocally covering every aspect of the Toby Turner story and voicing his own support for April and the other women affected, has recently reset his Twitter; deleting over 62,000 Tweets.

Meanwhile, former YouTuber Kate Elliot, aka Katers17, shared a long post on her public Facebook page (and reposted to Tumblr by April) accounting a time she woke up drugged and disoriented in 2014, believing to have been taken advantage of by Turner.

Katers17's account of being drugged by Toby Turner

Following this, however, yet another statement from Seth Hendrix, a long-term friend of both Turner's and Kate's, rebutted this account and recalled an evening around this time; in which Kate allegedly had a mental breakdown and appeared at Turner's house (reportedly while April was there), placing things around the room in a "ritualistic" fashion and shaving her head. Multiple screenshots of a group chat including himself, April and Turner corroborate his story.

Seth Hendrix's rebuttal to Katers following her Toby Turner allegations

While all of these statements put the truth into wild speculation and turn the internet into yet another confusing type of mock trial, attendees of Florida-based YouTube convention Playlist Live have been sharing their concerns with the event staff.

playlist live announcement of Toby Turner

Turner was initially featured on the line-up of guests attending the event, but has since been removed following attendee backlash. The event is yet to release any statement to confirm whether or not he will be present.

As always, more on this as it develops.