Toby Turner Got HACKED And Here's What Happened

16 May 2016, 09:52 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This hacking team is RUTHLESS.

Persistant and infamous hackers Our_Mine have been at it again over the weekend with multiple YouTubers seeing their social media accounts getting hacked. Earlier on in the year, the "security team" hacked Markiplier's channel and revealed very sensitive material about his earnings, and not long afterwards they broke into PewDiePie's channel... only to give it back when his fans freaked out. However, the latest victim of this skilled and malicious team is none other than Toby Turner.

The hack seems to have only taken place on Twitter, with the team tweeting out their success to Toby's 1.28 million followers; "We are just testing your security, don't worry, just dm us for contact!". Unfortunately, because Toby is understandably AFK at the moment across all of his social media platforms, it's hard to imagine what else Our_Mine will do to get his attention. It looks like Toby fans are already sending them suggestions by begging for the hacking team to release his DM's following the intense allegations Toby is going through right now.


Our_Mine, even though their methods involve hacking accounts and frequently releasing sensitive material, proactively try to maintain an online image that they are simply HELPING YouTubers to stay on top of their account security. As you can see from Toby's tweet above, the group normally ask for the original account holder to chat with them in the DM's in order to have a conversation about improving their privacy settings, suggesting that they're performing a public service to the unlucky victims of their cyber crimes - yeah, hacking is an offence.

The video below is what the Our_Mine team are known for uploading to hacked YouTube channels, with this example being the clip uploaded to Mark's and later reuploaded to another channel to remain intact. In the past week alone, Our_Mine have gained illegal access to Ali-A's SoundCloud, all the usernames, emails and passwords of people playing the game DayZ, and the Twitter account of Notch, the guy who created Minecraft. Instead of fighting back, Notch actually replied to the team by saying; "Thank you very much, and thank you for the pleasant DM conversation"... what?!

Honestly, we're totally confused by the sense of justice this hacking team seems to feel towards their work, but we will keep you updated if Toby's situation gets any worse. Hopefully, the hack is contained to just that one singular tweet.