Which Video Gamers Dominated YouTube In 2015?

30 December 2015, 09:00 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Gamers may be taking over the world, but which ones are taking over YouTube?

Like it or not, but games are here to stay. Nearly every home has a console of some description (and yes, we're including phones in this as well), so surely we've all had enough of pixelated entertainment? Apparently not, as YouTube is slowly becoming the official hub of the most influential gamers of this century.

So with this in mind, there will always be a means of ranking YouTubers in regards to their subscribers or video quantity. This list will be sightly different though, because as we all know when it comes to making money on YouTube, it's all about the views!

Below are the most viewed YouTube gamers as of the end of 2015 - can you guess who's made the VIP list?

PEWDIEPIE - 2.4 billion lifetime views.

He has the most subscribers at the end of the day, so by logic he had to have the most amount of lifetime views as well? Well, he does, but just about! The video above was posted on the 29th of January and has become Felix's most viewed upload of 2015 with just shy of 15 million views. But with a thumbnail like that, it's easy to see why...


THE DIAMOND MINECART - 2.1 billion lifetime views. 

A surprise entry in second place was The Diamond Minecart bagging the second greatest amount of lifetime views with 2.1 billion. That's basically if everyone in China and India grouped together to watch one guy mess about on Minecart. Mind-blowing content! This particular video, uploaded on the 24th of January, has gathered 23.6 million views in 2015 alone.

POPULAR MMOS - 1.9 billion lifetime views.  

Less MMO, more Minecraft. Patrick made big waves in YouTube gaming this year with his character Captain Cooke and one particular Challenge video featuring GamingWithJen, uploaded on January 28th, gathering over 13 million views. Want some perspective? PopularMMO has 6 times less subscribers than PewDiePie, but their most popular videos of 2015 only had a difference of 1 million viewers. We told you subscribers count for nothing in the YouTube game.

JACKSEPTICEYE - 1.4 billion lifetime views. 

Lil Jackaboy is still nice and new to the YouTube community, but Christ on a bike did he rise to fame fast! Is it his seductive Irish accent? Or perhaps it's the warm feeling we get when we all get called Bosses? Either way, he's now officially ranked fourth amongst the biggest YouTube Gamers on the planet with lifetime viewing figures of 1.4 billion. This video, posted on the 1st of March, gained 8 millions views - which we're sure will be nothing compared to his video potential in 2016!

VANOSS GAMING - 1.3 billion lifetime views. 

Did you know Vanoss is actually the sixth most subscribed YouTube channel of all time? Yup. I hadn't heard of him either until halfway through the year, but it took mere seconds for me to hit the 'Subscribe' button. 15 million subscriber count and going strong, this years most viewed Vanoss video was a Toy Story/GMOD mash-up. Obviously. It was posted on January 25th and garnered 24 million unique views.