Trisha Paytas' Celebrity Big Brother Entrance Was Completely Iconic, Obviously

2 August 2017, 12:47 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

Trisha Paytas

By Josh Lee

After intense rumours, YouTube icon Trisha Paytas has entered the big brother house. And boy, did she do it in typical Trisha Paytas style.

The first episode of Celebrity Big Brother UK aired last night on Channel 5. Serving fairytale princes from head to toe, Trisha bounded into the UK's most famous household in true Trisha style - carefree, exploding with energy, and absolutely living for the spotlight.

Trisha Paytas Celebrity Big Brother Entrance Trisha Paytas enters the Celebrity Big Brother house

Even when some in the crowd booed her (a gross injustice in our humble opinion), Trisha had nothing but love for the crowds: "I still love you," she squealed at the audience as CBB host Emma Willis tried to reassure her that the "couple of hundred" audience members who had turned out to see the first episode live weren't representative of the whole UK.

Trisha Paytas promised that we'd get to see a smarter side of her during her stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

In her VT, Trisha described herself as "sexy, smart and slutty," but revealed that she'll be showing off her brains the most throughout the competition during her interview with Emma. When asked if she'd have to tone down her effervescent personality, Trisha admitted that she might have to simmer down a touch. But with encouragement from Emma to just be herself in the Celebrity Big Brother House, we've no doubt that Trisha will be iconic from start to finish. As she said herself in her introduction video, "who knows what Trish will pop up?"

Over on Twitter, viewers were shook over Trisha Paytas' entertainment value

Missed the first episode of Celebrity Big Brother?

Don't fret! You can watch Trisha Paytas' entrance, and the rest of the Celebrity Big Brother contestants entrances, online. And don't forget to catch tonight's episode at 9pm on Channel 5.

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