After Outing Her Ex-Boyfriend, Trisha Paytas Just Came Out As Gay Too?!

16 December 2016, 10:21 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

trisha paytas gay

By Charleyy Hodson

What a rollercoaster week this has been...

Trisha Paytas is having one hell of a week. After aggravating her fans for outing her ex-boyfriend Sean after he was caught cheating on her with another man (and potentially being sued for outing his sexuality on YouTube without his consent), it looks like Trisha is about ready to out another person - herself?! In a video uploaded on Wednesday, Trisha is ready to reveal to the world that she is in fact gay too... but she makes it clear that it's definitely "not clickbait".

In the video, Trisha looks back on the past few years of her life, including her turbulent relationship with Sean; "I've done a lot of self-reflecting and realising that I always thought I was bisexual, and now I'm realising that I'm actually gay". Over the next 10 minutes, Trisha discusses her emotional and physical relationship with both men and women, and in particular how she's only happy "when [she's] around girls and when I'm in relationships with girls".

Fans are confused about the message she's sending out to her audience though, particularly after the video uploaded before this one sees Trisha calling herself a "chicken nugget". She also breaks down her childhood and how she believes she was raised homophobic and thought being gay was wrong until she was a young adult.

One of the biggest backlashes to Trisha's latest video is the fact that her big gay announcement has come in the middle of an LGBTQ+ crisis. One of the most liked comments on the video sees one angry viewer piece together their perception of events; "So basically, you're trying to silence anyone accusing you of being homophobic and/or outing Sean by claiming you're gay yourself. Gotcha". Honestly, we don't know what to believe anymore, but with selfies being uploaded to Twitter like the one below, it looks like Trisha feels very liberated with her new status as a #lesbian.