In A Strange Turn Of Events, Trisha Paytas May Now Actually Be Pregnant

20 December 2016, 12:17 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

trisha paytas pregnant

By Charleyy Hodson

What is happening?!

Just when we think we've finished writing about the Trisha Paytas saga, she uploads another video and throws our whole understanding of the situation upside down. After potentially outing her ex-boyfriend as gay, outing herself as a lesbian and publicly comparing herself to a chicken nugget... apparently Trisha might now be pregnant as well. Here's how this new thing came to be.

In a new video uploaded to her channel which is dramatically called "he didn't pull out", Trisha goes into SERIOUS detail about her recent sexual adventures after breaking out of a long-term relationship and discovering her sexuality. In addition to exploring her new lesbian identity, she admits to sleeping with a man to see if she still had a physical attraction to them. However, after having intercourse with a man she "hardly knew", his lack of condom or ability to withdraw has left her with questions as to whether she may or may not be pregnant.

You can watch her stream of consciousness video below, in which she discusses being pregnant whilst half-eating a banana.

Fans are obviously shocked by this new video and the many topics Trisha seems almost too casual to talk about; such as plugging Sean's sports bra line and the fact she willingly had unprotected sex with a man she "hardly knew". Many of the comments left on the video are voicing concerns about how little they could understand from Trisha's stream of consciousness, and in a way we have to agree - her rambling and ranting became increasing less fluent as the video went on.

However, one of the biggest talking points of the video - aside from Trisha nonchalantly mentioning that she might be pregnant - is how she looks. In previous videos, Trisha was dressed down in casual attire with minimal to no makeup at all. Fans are debating whether this new video of hers, in which her chest is hugely pushed up and is wearing a full face of makeup, is for all the new audience and media outlets watching her dramatic videos, knowing full well they'll get made into articles such as this one.

She's certainly in the public eye right now - whether it's for the rights reasons or not.

We're still confused at this point whether Trisha is pregnant, or where this narrative will eventually end, but we'll keep you updated if anything major happens.