Why Are Trisha Paytas Fans Leaving Snake Emojis On Her CBB Housemate's Instagram?

10 August 2017, 13:26 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Trisha Paytas Snake Emojis

By Josh Lee

Trisha stans did NOT come to play.

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Sam Thompson is being trolled on social media after Trisha Paytas threatened to use her internet fame to leave his Instagram needing to be shut down if he is "fake" to her in the house.

Trisha and Sam's relationship has been rocky at best during their time in the house. Trisha branded the 'Made In Chelsea' star "fucking immature" after he and fellow housemate Jordan Davis weren't able to stay quiet as part of a challenge set by Big Brother.

After a couple days of tension, Trisha decided to give Sam another chance.

But not before issuing a very stern warning: "If I watch the show and I find you are fucking fake after these conversations, I will go on YouTube and I will fucking talk about you so much and how much of an arsehole you are," Trisha said.

"And if I watch this back, just know that I have a voice on f**king YouTube and guess what, your Instagram will have to be shutdown. Every boyfriend I've ever had has had to shut their Instagram down from hate comments every single one of them. So don't be f**king fake is what I'm saying."

"If you have a problem with me in future just tell me but if I hear you like me down here [in the house] and you go up there [in the Diary Room] and say 'Fuck Trisha'..."

Check out the warning below - it's as scary as it is impressive.

Since Trisha's warning, Sam's Instagram page has been filed with snake emojis.



The trolling has become so intense that Big Brother had to call Trisha into the diary room to ask her fans to stop.

"Big Brother just wants to be clear, you weren't suggesting your followers send hate messages to Sam were you?" Trisha was asked in the diary room.

"I was not, no. I was drunk when I said it because it's something I have done online in the past," Trisha replied. "I wasn't. No, I don't want anyone to send hate to him...."

She then went on to condemn online trolling: "I'm very sensitive to [trolling] so I do feel bad that I said it 'cause online trolling obviously is a huge deal and it makes people really upset."

She added: "I feel bad, I never want hate because I get so much of it and I guess 'cause I am just that person who just takes it."

Watch Trisha talk internet trolls in the Celebrity Big Brother diary room below:

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