Fans Are FURIOUS At Trisha Paytas For Outing Her Ex-Boyfriend

13 December 2016, 11:25 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:45

trisha paytas ex boyfriend

By Charleyy Hodson

It's not looking too good for her.

If you've tuned into the Trisha Paytas YouTube channel recently, you will have noticed a fairly sharp change in content direction. Instead of her typical music videos and hauls, Trisha has been posting regular videos about her emotional breakdown following the discovery that her (now ex-) boyfriend Sean Van Der Wilt has been cheating on her with another man. However, fans are furious at how she has handled the situation.

Across Twitter and on the few comment sections still open on the last seven videos she's uploaded on the topic, Trisha Paytas has openly "exposed" Sean for cheating on her and being gay after footage was leaked of him dancing and kissing another man at a nightclub on Snapchat. The video below, which currently sits as the third video in her seven video long breakdown, was uploaded only two days ago and nearly has 1 million views - the title alone pretty explicitly outs Sean without his consent.

Since all of these videos were uploaded over the weekend, Trisha has faced a huge backlash from fans saying that she was 100% not okay to out Sean the way she has. Some of her audience have tried to defend the YouTuber by saying that her emotional state may have got in the way of her rational thinking, however the video's still remain on the Trisha Paytas channel days after being uploaded.

In her "final video" to Sean, Trisha tries to clear up the confusion about her "outing" his sexuality; “Beyond anything that happened, this is not the person that I want to be. I don’t want to be the person that hurts someone I love. I just never felt so betrayed and I felt like I had to hurt back. I don’t know anything and I shouldn’t have done any of those videos. It was all screenshots sent to me and stupid speculation”.

Here are just a collection of all the messages Trisha Paytas has been getting since she started posting her emotionally charged videos on YouTube.

Some fans are asking Trisha to "stay classy" and to stop talking about the ordeal all together.

trisha paytas

Other viewers say they straight up "feel no sympathy" for Trisha for attacking Sean all because her "heart hurts".

trisha paytas

Some people think the issue needs to be taken further up the company, feeling that publicly outing someone is "#sowrong".

trisha paytas

Even fellow YouTuber Meghan Tonjes was upset by the way Trisha handled the entire Sean conversation.

trisha paytas

In the most recent video posted to her channel, Trisha announces that she is now being sued by Sean for publicly sharing videos of him "cheating" without his consent. In the words of Miss Paytas, it "looks like we will only be going through our lawyers now". We'll keep you updated if this story goes any further.