Trisha Paytas Opens Up About Online Stalker; "You Scare Me"

15 April 2016, 11:03 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

trisha paytas stalker

By Charleyy Hodson

We can't imagine how scared Trisha feels right now.

YouTube isn't all fun and challenge videos; for some people it can be a truly terrifying and suffocating environment - especially if you're famous. This nightmare is currently happening very publicly to Trisha Paytas, known as blndsundoll4mj on YouTube, with a man called Daniel E. Carroll that has become so recognisable as her superfan that regular viewers see him as part of her brand.

After five and a half years of 'friendship' and communication between Trisha and Daniel, Trisha finally changed her mind about the comfort levels of their friend and blocked him. In response, Daniel shared the following video on his channel to explain his side of the story; "Me and Trisha are friend. We met over five years ago on Facebook. She wasn't really popular back then. I started leaving comments on her posts and she responded... A friendship that I thought lasted over five and a half years apparently was no joke to someone". You can see his furious point of view in the video below:

In Daniel's video, he draws attention to the manner in which Trisha terminated their friendship; "She posted publicly, that I was somehow threatening her and scaring her. She said that she was not going to call anymore of her fans [on Skype] because of me. She blocked me". Based on the public way Trisha denounced Daniel, her fans have flocked to his social media profiles to call him a rapist, a pedophile and much, much more. And so, Daniel's mother took to Facebook to share a rant that's WAY too 18+ to repeat in full, but here are some highlights:

"Daniel liked (loved) you for you. Not because of your Dolly want to be t*ts or your Grand Canyon over used drive through p***y... GO TO HELL AND STAY THERE THAT IS WHERE YOU BELONG."

Following Daniel's explanation video, Trisha has now uploaded her own version of the story to her channel called 'My Online Stalker'. It sits at 25 minutes with both the comments and ratings switched off. She describes watching Daniel's video back; "My blood boiled. Turned ice cold. This person has no life. This has been going on for years... He would leave the same comment on every social media account. Every video I made would get a response. Every tweet. Every post."

We hope Trisha's situation gets settled safely and in the best possible way for both parties, but most importantly we hope Trisha starts to feel safe in her own home again soon!