A New YouTuber Quiz App Is In Town And It's Full Of All Your Faves

6 November 2015, 12:43 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Trivy is here and we might just be out of a job.

Quizzes about YouTubers are one of our most popular features here at We The Unicorns; so imagine how excited (and terrified) we were to learn about a new trivia app dedicated to your internet faves!


Marathon trivia app Trivy launched on the App Store yesterday, describing itself as "the hardest trivia game in the world". The default (and free) mode of the game is an endless and addictive series of general knowledge questions, marked with checkpoints that you can pass as you test yourself for literally hours.


But the big selling point of this app is that it launched with over 60 extra trivia "packs", available at $0.99 each. And every single pack is dedicated to trivia about your favourite YouTubers.


Now you can finally test yourself on your general knowledge about your faves; questions such as where Jack & Dean first met, or the colour of Mitchell Davis' toothbrush, Troye Sivan's favourite Slurpee flavour, and even Lilly Singh's all-time crush are included in each of their individual packs.

Creators featured in the app all shared screenshots of their own Trivy questions across social media yesterday, as a part of a wide YouTuber-based campaign for the app's launch.


A photo posted by Hannah Hart (@harto) on

We had a shot of the app, and we have to admit - it's pretty tricky. The general knowledge questions are all quite America-based so that's probably where we tripped up, but we're pretty sure the appeal for everyone who downloads it will be in those in-app purchases of YouTuber goodness.


Trivy is available on iOS now. We can't wait to test ourselves on every YouTuber on the app!