TrollStation Finally In JAIL For Controversial Prank Videos

22 March 2016, 15:23 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Thank god they've been stopped - is this the end of TrollStation?

You may have seen us mention TrollStation on We The Unicorns a couple of times - firstly they tried to do a 'suicide bomb hoax' which caused a ridiculous amount of controversy, and more recently they staged the bottling of a woman at an anti-Domestic Violence protest in London. After multiple articles over the entire Internet, our voices have finally been heard - their lead Troll has been arrested and thrown into jail.

Having been threatened by the Metropolitan Police Federation that their behaviour could lead to them "being shot", a spokesperson from the channel has stated that the 8-man team was "shocked" at the news of Danh Van Le's (a.k.a. DigiDan) arrest. Dan, in addition to his 15-year-old accomplice who could not be named, have been given a 24-week sentence with an additional 12 weeks for threatening behaviour after filming two staged pranks at both the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate Modern.

In light of recent terror attacks across the Globe, it's good to see that people who pose even a staged or "prank" risk to the general public are being stopped by the Police. The bomb hoax video in question sees members of TrollStation armed with a ticking suitcase which they show to members of the public before running off. They argued that it is a tribute to the US schoolboy Ahmed Mohamed who was arrested after making a home-made clock for his teacher, but claim that they forgot to alert the police to the stunt the day before, meaning that their prank was taken seriously.

A spokesperson from TrollStation, talking about Danh being put in jail, said that; "We were shocked that Danh was charged with it. Our aim was never to get away with breaking the law. I'm sure Danh regrets ending up in prison but he never meant for anything like this to happen". Even though their YouTube channel "specialises in bizarre and often surreal pranks performed on unwitting members of the public", we think they have gone too far and are glad that they are getting the jail time they deserve.

The remaining members of TrollStation are still releasing 'update' videos on their current IndieGoGo campaign, set up to raise the money to go on a national tour. They've also started the trend #FreeDigiDan and filmed themselves trying to visit him in prison but were not allowed onto the premises. We'll keep up you updated if anything further happens.