“I Can Talk Dirty” – Troye Sivan Reveals A LOT In New Advert

12 September 2016, 14:15 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:20

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This new campaign has got us SHOOK!

Troye Sivan is pretty much taking over the world in 2016. As well as being BFF's with all the most amazing celebrities in Hollywood and covering basically every popular magazine in the world, was there anything else this young heartthrob needed to do to woo over any remaining souls? Oh yeah there is, and he's just done it in a majorly flirty new American Eagle advert!

Under the new campaign #WeAllCan, Troye joins a whole host of other millennial influencers to promote a new international ad campaign with American Eagle - and with it, Troye reveals some juicy personal details. In addition to being able to "paint [his] nails" and "create [his] own future", Troye also claims that he "can flirt with boys... talk dirty" and most importantly, he "can love who [he] wants". Sign us up for some of that love!

In the short video, Troye also reveals some other interesting details about his life, such as the fact...

  • He can't dance - but he does try
  • He can be "really, really" stubborn
  • He can laugh at himself
  • He can be whoever he wants to be
  • He can cry and not care
  • He can fear nothing

If you want to check out who else is taking part in the #WeAllCan campaign, then check out the video below but don't get too thirsty - most of these young men and women are v. flirty with the camera. In fact, Cody Christian even talks about being "more than friends" with you before the camera cuts to a shot of his crotch, so... yeah, that's definitely an eye opening way to promote stuff!

What do you think about Troye's new flirty ad campaign? Remember to check out Troye's new poster at your nearest American Eagle store, and let us know in the comments below want you can do!