WATCH: Troye Sivan Calls James Corden OLD On Live TV

29 March 2016, 14:07 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Is this the greatest celebrity cameo in the world?!

To celebrate landing his first Top 25 US hit, Troye Sivan just did his very first late-night TV show interview with the legendary James Corden. It turns out, when Troye has something to celebrate, he's a triple-threat as The Late Late Show got an interview, a performance AND a comedy sketch out of the Aussie up-and-comer.

First up, Troye acted in a comedy sketch that we wish could be turned into a 13-episode series as James Corden crashes the house party as seen in Sivan's Youth music video. Corden demands that the singer turns down his music because it's keeping him and his family awake before realising that the song keeping his children up was actually sung by his neighbour. Suddenly James does a U-turn and tries to be as cool as possible by bringing up his old DJ history - he used to be called Vinyl Richie and he played at funerals! It's must-watch, comedy gold, and you can see it below.

If seeing James Corden in a dashing pink dressing robe was too much for you to handle, then we'll swiftly move onto Troye's interview segment. Here he talks more about the time a fan came out during one of his live performances, as well as sharing details about his sexuality and saying that he celebrated his first Top 40 hit by eating sushi - how #relateable can you be!

James then asks Troye what it's like to travel back to his hometown of Perth and be seen as a hero... which apparently he isn't; "It's so awesome, no one cares at all. Seriously, it's like the best thing in the whole world. I have the same friends I've had since I was two. We just chill. It's just the best thing ever". Troye also realised he was gay at four years old, but not before thinking he "was a real ladies' man". Oh bless.

And last but certainly not least was the musical performance we had all been waiting for. Jumping up onto the stage, Troye belted out his stunning new single Youth and thankfully wasn't interrupted by Paul Blart: Mall Cop this time. For any long time Troye fans don't worry, you'll still get goosebumps by watching his performance. And yes, his signature dance moves can be seen throughout the whole song. Enjoy!