Troye Sivan's Album Art Thief Just Fought Back

21 April 2016, 16:14 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

You'll never BELIEVE what Maxim has said in his defence.

If you've not been following the drama, then sit down and pick up some popcorn because Troye Sivan and his fans have been unleashing absolute digital hell on a Russian artist called Maxim Burmatov. After this unknown singer shared an image of his brand new album artwork on social media, little did he know that his "inspiration" was actually plagiarised straight from Troye's Blue Neighbourhood cover.

However, after being targeted by Troye and his army of followers, Maxim took to Russian TV to explain his "side of the story" - and he's been lapping up the attention SO much, that he's even been sharing clips of his celebrity appearances on his Instagram profile. By the way, Maxim starts off his whole defence by claiming that the spooky similarity between his album and Troye's is "just a coincidence"... lets find out how.


In a TV interview, Maxim said that he was "innocently" researching ideas for his new album, when he came across an image which "had no title" and "no description of what it is or who is on it" - turns out it was Troye Sivan, but he didn't know this at the time. Maxim then used this image as "inspiration" for his own artwork, saying that "I liked it and I realised that I would like to do something in this style". Sorry Maxim, but using something as "inspiration" and then totally ripping it off does not translate as a "coincidence".

Interestingly though, Maxim shared his new album art to his social media on April 1st, otherwise known as April Fools Day, so when he suddenly started getting negative messages he thought nothing of it and just "deleted the notifications". At this point he still had no idea who Troye Sivan was until he opened his laptop the next day; "I saw thousands of messages to me, accusing me of stealing the cover of someone named Troye Sivan. Of course, we immediately started researching online to find out who this person was. Sure enough, we discovered that he was an Australian singer, a vlogger, an actor, a rather well-known personality".

A bit more research showed Maxim and his label that not only was his album artwork very similar to Troye's but his fans had single-handedly made the trend "Troye, look at this plagiarism" a top Global trend on Twitter - eventually causing Troye to tweet out the iconic message above. In the TV interview, Maxim also shows off the Infringement Notice he received from Universal, proving that Troye was 100% not joking with that "see u in court, sweaty" message.

So, to respond to the hate and drama he has received online since his public shaming, Maxim has this final word to say about his career; "Obviously, my album cover will not be in the same style. I simply don't need problems! That's the first thing. Secondly, we immediately contacted the representatives of Troye Sivan and sent them a letter, explaining that this was just a coincidence and we didn't do anything intentionally, we just didn't know".

What do YOU think of the case - is Troye Sivan right to defend his Blue Neighbourhood album, or is Maxim Burmatov right and it was "just a coincidence"? Let us know in the poll below.