PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator Was Released; The Internet Went Berserk

30 September 2016, 09:39 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Could this be the Game of the Year?!

PewDiePie has made some very successful ventures into mobile games. With his first game, The Legend Of The BroFist, reaching the number one spot on the iTunes App Store almost immediately, surely it was inevitable that when Felix decided to make another game it would reap the same successes? Well it did, and now the whole freaking world is addicted to Tuber Simulator.

Based on its colourful design, quirky sense of humour and top quality banter from PewDiePie himself, Tuber Simulator has followed it's predecessor to the top of the charts where it sits very comfortably on top of the summer smash hit, Pokémon GO. Who knows how long it will stay there for, but from what we can gauge from Twitter... it's damn near impossible to stop playing it.

Here are some of our favourite reactions!


KickThePJ, one of Felix's closest friends, seems to be having problems keeping his Tuber Space nice and tidy.


Sam King seems to be a voice representing the planet - if you download this game, you will immediately lose five hours of your life.


Whilst we admit it is kinda difficult to forget the name of the most famous YouTuber in the world, at least you're hooked on his game! Go CJ.


Less so about the game mechanics themselves, and more about the channel naming system - Emma Blackery is clearly too emotionally invested into Tuber Simulator already!


Whilst we can't agree with their logic, a room full of cats would certainly make me play this game a bit more (that's a lie, I've already played it for 12 hours straight yesterday without closing the app).


This is it folks! Have we finally found a game to topple our all-consuming addiction of Pokémon GO?!


Even Roomie, who spends his free time making songs about PewDiePie, can't stop playing this game!


One of the best features in Tuber Simulator is the fact you can compete with RevelMode YouTubers and their subscriber count - something which Dodger was very happy to see!


Have you started playing PewDiePie's new game yet? Let us know in the comments below and whilst you're here, make sure you check out two of our brand new original videos!