This Is The Official List Of Most Popular Internet Sensations Of 2016

6 December 2016, 12:58 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:22

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Number 18 is a shocker!

2016 has been a wild one, you don't need us to tell you that. But what is has meant is we've been relying on escapism in the form of YouTube even more. From PINOF to Vlogmas, Carmilla to PewDiePie's ever-growing madness, YouTube and social media couldn't have been more of a sh*tstorm- and we've loved every minute!

As we reach the end of 2016, Tumblr have officially announced their list of the most popular YouTubers and Internet sensations according to you lot. The list is a round up of the most popular people and things being talked about on the platform - and you may find a few things rather surprising.

The list features 20 of the most talked about people, series and YouTube channels but you'll be pleased to know that in at number one is.... Dan Howell!

tumblr 2016


But don't panic, Phil Lester was second place and we reckon only just. Here's how the rest of the list panned out...


4. Homestruck

5. JackSepticEye

6. Markiplier

7. Carmilla

8. Game Grumps

9. Thomas Sanders

10. Critical Role

11. Achievement Hunter

12. PewDiePie

13. Connor Franta

14. Eddsworld

15. Tyler Oakley

16. Check, Please!

17. Welcome To Night Vale

18. LeafyIsHere

19. Willyrex

20. Red vs. Blue


Are you surprised by the list? Who do you think should have made it?