People Are Calling Markiplier 'Homophobic' - But What Do You Think?

10 January 2017, 11:01 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:23

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

There's heated debate in the Markiplier fandom RN.

If you went scrolling through the Markiplier tag on Tumblr recently (which is a daily task for us), you may have noticed some users calling out Mark as homophobic. Whilst the majority of Mark's fanbase seem to believe this simply isn't the case, some voices have expressed a concern that his accidental "microaggressions" are hiding something darker from his audience.

The argument stems around the video below, in which Bob is heard making comments about how uncomfortable he is when he's alone with a gay man. Tumblr user, HelloGayPokemon, believes that instead of calling Bob out on his attitudes, Mark made "yet another dick joke" and "decided to put a 'generic trigger warning' in front of the video".

This 'homophobic' conversation begins in the video below at around 3:00. Check it out first, and then let's see what the fandom are saying.

Since HelloGayPokemon posted their thoughts, Tumblr and Twitter have been alight with conversation surrounding Mark and his lack of action towards homophobic attitudes from his friends. HGP have since responded by clarifying that they do not believe Markiplier is a "terrible person", but that they "find it shocking that someone who considers kindness and love to be as integral as he does would do something like this".

Most of the reaction has been of confusion, with many of Mark's fanbase pointing out that he promotes a positive and healthy LGBTQ+ community amongst his fans. Some people went so far as to dig up how Mark responded on social media to the legalisation of gay marriage. One particular Tumblr issue felt that the recent accusations were simply people "grasping at straws":

In fact, some people were so upset by the news of their YouTube fave being blasted as homophobic that they've set up "safe spaces to discuss any recent conflicts". Madiplier, the user behind the safe space, wants to use their platform to help other fans discuss the accusations in a healthy manner:


But what do YOU think about the recent debate regarding Markiplier and his LGBTQ+ attitudes. Let us know in the comments below.