Twitter might finally be getting an edit button because of Jeffree Star

24 October 2018, 11:59

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Picture: Twitter
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

It looks like it's finally happening.

Twitter appears to be teasing the introduction of its most requested feature, an edit button, and it seems like it's all thanks to Jeffree Star.

Users have been desperate for an edit feature on the social media platform/ nightmare hellscape, but so far Twitter has steadfastly ignored every mention of the function.

High profile figures like Kim Kardashian have lobbied for the ability to edit tweets after they've been published (a function that already exists on other platforms like Facebook), but have always been conspicuously ignored... until now.

Creator Jeffree Star, took some time out from selling his own custom grinders and tweeted at Twitter begging them to introduce "an edit button on our tweets", signing his tweet on behalf of "everyone".

To which Twitter replied:

Naturally, people were, as the kids say "shooketh"

Now, this can't be underestimated. Twitter has never really even acknowledged that an edit button is a thing that could exist, let alone tease it in this manner.

Keep your eyes open folks, because it looks like Twitter is finally listening and giving us the feature we've always wanted... now they just need to deal with all the racists.