Tyler Oakley Got A-list Celebrities To Dramatically Read Kanye's Tweets

4 March 2016, 10:59 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Will Arnett is an international treasure.

Kanye West is unavoidable at the moment. If he's not removing every single one of his performances from YouTube, attacking deadmau5 on Twitter or being involved with THAT hashtag, is there anywhere we can actually avoid Kanye Fever? Well, for celebrities on the Oscars Red Carpet last weekend, Tyler Oakley had a unique challenge lined up for them which deserves it's own Kanye-themed-Oscar nomination.

Working for Vanity Fair and doing their Oscar Carpet coverage, Tyler's challenge proved that "you don't have to win an Oscar - or even be nominated for one - to get super dramatic on Oscar night". Instead of asking them about designer clothes and their predictions for the evening, Tyler got A-List celebrities to let down their hair and take part in some dramatic readings of Kanye West's most thought-provoking tweets - which, let's be honest, he's an absolute fountain for. There's almost too many to choose from!

After witnessing Kanye go through some pretty intense emotions via his Twitter timeline, we had no idea how amazing it would be if iconic celebrities such as Conan O'Brien and Mindy Kaling decided to read them aloud. The video also features a whole host of legendary actors, actresses and directors including; Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Stewart, JJ Abrams, Kate Hudson, Will Arnett, Hilary Swank, Monica Lewinsky, Juno Temple, Maria Menounos and James Corden. That's a whole lot of Yeezy's in one place!

Tyler's Oscar hosting skills are just further evidence of him absolutely slaying the role of 'YouTube Creator Gone Mainstream Megastar', as he then went on to conduct a whole interview for Vanity Fair with Oscar Winner, Alicia Vikander (seen below). Regardless of how famous Tyler gets however, Kanye has some very bad news for him - "You may be talented, but you're not Kanye West".