Tyler Oakley Just Hung Out At The White House And Played With ALL The Dogs

25 July 2016, 10:17 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Lea Rice

This is super chill.

We already know the YouTube world is getting more and more famous every day, what with the biggest names being cordially invited to mix with high society, celebs and royals, but Tyler Oakley might just have outdone everyone.

Not only did he swing an opportunity to MC the Beating The Odds summit at The White House in Washington DC, but he hung out with First Lady, Michelle Obama, on camera. All super chill and stuff.

Beating the Odds is the White Houses' tribute to a group of selected young people who have defied the odds (personal issues, illness, background etc) to achieve a place in college. 130 audience members were present at the reception, plus they hosted a four-person Q&A; panel which included Mrs Obama herself.

Needless to say, Tyler did an incredible job. Michelle herself congratulates his management of the Q&A; panel on camera, as well as casually reminiscing on the last time they hung out together when they worked on the Reach Higher programme.

"There are 130 college-bound students [here] who have beat the odds. Who are redefining success. Who are inspiring so many in their own communities. I just look out into the crowd and see the future, and that is the coolest feeling."

His chat with Michelle Obama unearthed one very clear, positive message that Tyler works hard to ensure young people carry with them for life; "Keep learning. No matter what your age. No matter what you do. Just keep learning."

Tyler hasn't just abandoned his passion and support for Beating the Odds at the doorstep of the White House though. He's actively encouraging his audience to leave comments and questions on the video around the subject of how to get into further education... and he'll personally respond. It's all so bless.

If that wasn't enough cute goodness for you, you have got to see how giddy he gets meeting the White House dogs. Fair enough. they are the most important people there after all.

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