The UK Government Just Suspended Advertising On YouTube

20 March 2017, 18:58 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

YouTube are having a really bad week.

So it seems like YouTube aren't quite having the best week at the moment. Not only is there still ongoing backlash from YouTubers over LGBTQ+ videos being filtered out by the "Restricted" feature; but some major advertisers - including the UK government - are now pulling their ads from the site, over fears of them sitting next to "inappropriate" content.

uk government

The Cabinet Office, BBC, Channel 4 and the Guardian have all removed YouTube ads in recent weeks.

The Cabinet Office revealed that their restriction is "pending reassurances from Google that government messages can be delivered in a safe and appropriate way"; following research that revealed their ads were occasionally appearing next to videos from extremists.

These creators are a mix of bloggers promoting hate speech and genuine enemies of the state; and profit every time any government-funded ad, including military recruitment, appears next to their videos.

Google reps have admitted they "don't always get it right."

"Sometimes, ads appear where they should not.", admits a spokesperson. "We will make changes to our policies and brand controls for advertisers."

Meanwhile, right-wing and alt-right creators have recently seen a rise in their YouTube-based community. Many are working under the assumption that they now "own the platform" - forgetting just how big YouTube really is.

But it won't always be a laughing matter. YouTube, Google and Twitter have all recently been lambasted by the UK government over how poorly they are handling problems within their communities; and if YouTube doesn't do something about this instead of filtering out their least offensive creators, they will probably run out of advertisers much more quickly.