The Vegan YouTube Community Are Fighting Over The Banana Emoji

13 May 2016, 10:49 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is the angriest use of the banana emoji we've ever seen.

Drama has been bubbling in the vegan YouTube community for a little while now. With hugely popular vloggers such as Freelee the Banana Girl, Cassey Ho and Vegan Gains all pulling in a sizeable crowd, it appears that now certain individuals have had enough of sharing the health spotlight and want to kick up a bit of a fuss. Lets try and figure out why there's a banana emoji involved, shall we?

Things seem to start off with Freelee, a vegan and health YouTuber who promotes eating 30+ bananas PER DAY. In the past, she has attacked other YouTubers like Zoella for using non-vegan products such as eggs in their baking videos and is currently being sued by another Australian health vlogger for defamation after claiming that her dieting program causes starvation. Now pairing up with Vegan Gains, the two are claiming that fitness vlogger Cassey Ho (a.k.a Blogilates) has been filling copyright strikes against their videos in order to "suppress [Freelee's] freedom of speech with her corporate lawyers".

You can hear more about this in the video below - the fifth in a series of videos she has posted about her fight with Cassey,

The good folks over at Jezebel tried to do some research in this so-called copyright strike and could find no evidence that Cassey had ever tried to shut down one of Freelee's or Vegan Gains' videos, however, it become clear that the Blogilates brand is currently being sued for breaching a contract with the NAFC. But that's a whole separate kettle of fish that we really don't understand right now. Instead, lets circle back around to these banana emoji's.

A war is currently being waged between Freelee's fans (the Fruit Bats) and Cassey's fans (the POPsters) in the comment sections on both YouTube and Instagram. Fruit Bats are fighting to defend their YouTuber of choice by spamming Cassey's social media with an onslaught of banana emoji's designed to intimidate and impose their ideology into her audience. However, some fans have been taking the fight WAY to seriously - so seriously in fact, that they're forgotten that, as a vegan, Freelee would never promote the killing or harm of any other living thing.

Check out this particularly chilling Insta comment from enlightenedflower; "Hope you get ran over by a horse and remains struck by lightening #teamfreelee ??"... Not exactly friendly is it?


Reflection on the whole vegan banana drama can be summed up by another, more sensible, Cassey fan who thankfully posted a message on Freelee's videos and proved that not every vegan has murderous urges; "Veganism is also respecting the fact that not everyone is vegan. Stop criticising everyone so much in your YouTube videos!! You're not promoting the true message of Veganism". We totally agree. If anything further happens on this story, we'll keep you updated.