VidCon 2016 Lineup, Agenda And More - Everything You NEED To Know

13 May 2016, 17:32 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

We're getting SO CLOSE to June - here's all the info on the VidCon 2016 lineup, agenda, and meetup system!

It seems like only yesterday that we were filling you in on all the major YouTube events happening this year! But suddenly, we're getting frighteningly close to the biggest of all - VidCon.

youtube 2016 lineup

Taking place once again at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, VidCon 2016 is set to be the biggest yet. The lineup of Featured Creators is endless, the agenda looks jam-packed... in fact, the event is so busy that it looks as though it's starting a day early!

Whether it's your first time attending, or you're a seasoned VidCon buff, or once again you're staying at home with major FOMO - everyone is going to be talking about it for the next month and a half. So here's everything you need to know!


Featured Creators

The VidCon 2016 lineup looks like one of its biggest yet. Boasting over 130 creators on their website, the featured list of YouTubers attending consists of people with mid-t0-large followings - all of whom will be speaking on panels, performing on stage, or just doing meet & greets and signings.

But what's different about the lineup this year, is that you can see what each YouTuber is doing before the event by clicking their face.

Vidcon 2016 lineup

Each Featured Creator has their own dedicated page that lists everything they have planned over the weekend - with the exception of meet-ups (which we'll get back to).

The Agenda

VidCon goes on for just a little over 3 days - this year, things kick off on the evening of Wednesday June 22nd and carry on right up until late on Saturday night (not including "Disney Day" on Sunday).

Because of this, the agenda in full is pretty stressful to look at - with multiple things happening at once every couple of hours for three days straight.

vidcon 2016 lineup

Luckily, there's a guide to the multiple different "event tracks" that every piece of content abides by - Community events, designed primarily for YouTube fans, include all the mainstage events, meet and greets and a few panels. Creator events are for people more serious about making YouTube videos, and offer more opportunities to that effect. And Industry events are for hard-core business types who have paid an unreasonably large amount to be there.

Meet & Greets

The feature that most YouTube fans go for the most, despite everything else the event has to offer, is the meetups and signings - basically standing in line for hours to get a quick minute of time, signature and/or selfie from their YouTube fave.

vidcon 2016 lineup

In order to make things fair and get rid of the "first come first served" system that left many fans standing in line for hours with no chance of meeting anyone, VidCon introduced a "signing lottery". Attendees can apply with their name and registration number to meet their faves, in order of preference. It still doesn't guarantee a meetup spot, but it gives you the chance to experience the rest of the event.

Better hurry though - May 13th is the FINAL day to apply for the signing lottery!


Any other important info can be found on VidCon's dedicated website. We THINK tickets are still available, so we hope to see you there!