VidCon Is FINALLY Coming To The UK: Everything You Need To Know

2 October 2018, 14:27 | Updated: 2 October 2018, 15:22

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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

30 amazing YouTubers have already confirmed appearances!

VidCon, the world's biggest YouTuber convention is making its way across the pond to London. VidCon London will take place between February 14th - 17th, 2019, at ExCeL London, which, funnily enough, is also the home of Summer In The City and RTX London.

Media giant Viacom, which recently purchased VidCon, announced the new event during its presentation at the NewFronts events in New York

What to expect from VidCon London

Much like other VidCons around the globe, VidCon London will have different "tracks," depending on the kind of experience you want to have. The Community Track is for fans who aren't creators, the Creator Track is for YouTubers who want to learn how to up their game, and the Industry Track is for businesses and brands that want to learn more about the power of video.

The organisers have promised that VidCon London will be "a will be a celebration of everything that makes [video] awesome," and that the event will "will connect you to people with similar passions, as well as businesses and organisations outside the medium who want to learn valuable lessons from this rapidly evolving and developing technology."

"It’s a party, it’s a mixer, it’s a conference, it’s an expo, and it’s so much more."

Tickets for VidCon London are now on sale!

There are currently early bird tickets available at a discounted price. Between now and September 1, ticket prices for VidCon London are:

Community track - £50

Chaperone (community) - £45

Creator and community track - £105

Community, Creator and Industry track - £500

Buy tickets for VidCon London here.

Which YouTubers will be at VidCon London?

The list already features over 30 YouTubers from the UK and the US:

Abz & Fio, Amber Doig-Thorne, Anna Maynard, Ben Phillips, Dean Dobbs, Elle Mills, Hank Green, Hannah Witton, Jack Howard, Jack Maynard, Jaiden Animations, Jasmine Clough, Joe Tasker, Just Jodes, KingKennyTV, Lee Hinchcliffe, Life Of Boris, Mark Ferris, Mikey Pearce, Millie T, Niki & Sammi, Nikky Lilly, Niko Omilana, Patricia Bright, Riyadh K, Sophia & Cinzia, Sophie Clough, Storror, TheNewAdamB99, TheOdd1sOut, Yas and Hals, Saffron Barker, Anastasia Kingsnorth, Roxxsaurus.

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