This VidCon Security Guard Is Blowing Up On Instagram After Being Verbally Abused

26 June 2017, 11:52 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

The internet has reacted with a wave of kindness.

Since last VidCon, security at the event has become an extremely high priority; so much so that even 'influencers' might not like some of the measures taken. But few are likely to react in the same shockingly entitled way an Instagram model talked to a VidCon security guard at this weekend's event.

Instagrammer Christian Burns berated a VidCon security guard after an altercation outside.

After members of the security team tackled someone outside the Anaheim Convention Centre, Burns turned on one of them; then berated him with a wave of insults about his job, his income, and even his appearance - telling him he "deserves to die".

"You're not relevant, you're not famous, you're ugly," Burns can be heard ranting at the team member. "I'm attractive as f*ck, I make a lot of money."

"You're blue collar as f*ck, you're a peasant."

Burns had reportedly around 28,000 Instagram followers at the time of the incident; But his account has since been either privatised or deactivated.

The security guard has been identified as Joseph Hernandez.

After Burns' tirade made waves across social media, members of the community began sharing their support for Joseph and his colleagues; and even attendees of the event, like Louis Cole, stepped in to offer their services.

"I would love to invite all my viewers and everyone on the internet to follow an Instagram account of yours," suggests Louis to Joseph. "I reckon we can get it bigger than that kid that was shouting at you."

So Louis' followers - and plenty other supporters - have stepped up to the cause.

At the time of writing, Joseph's Instagram - where he has posted photos and video from VidCon - has over 60,000 followers; more than twice as many as his antagoniser.

vidcon security guard instagram

So overall, probably the happiest ending to come out of this year's VidCon for sure!

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