YouTubers Have ALL Had Fewer Video Views This Weekend: But Why?

28 November 2016, 13:17 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:38

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Hundreds of creators have noticed issues with their video views on YouTube - and nobody can figure out what the truth is.

A drop in video views is something that all creators fear; but when it's happening to everyone, it's time to start asking what's really going on over at YouTube HQ. This is the case for a huge number of creators at the moment, all of whom have noticed a significant drop in views on new uploads over the weekend.

Different reports are saying different things, but the general feeling is that views are both lower than normal, and fluctuating above and below the number of likes and dislikes on each upload.

Ever since YouTube redesigned their site to prioritise recommendations over subscriptions, creators have taken hits to their average views. But with every update, hundreds of YouTubers feel more and more that the site doesn't have the interests of them or their audiences to heart.

Some creators have taken the initiative to compare views to their real-time numbers, visible in the Creator Dashboard; and while this has put some at ease, there is still a noticeable drop in numbers for a lot of new uploads.

The glitches are reminiscent of earlier days on YouTube, when view counts would cap for a while; leading people to wonder why the number of likes/dislikes was higher. But now that view counts are meant to be realtime, people are worried. Even Pewdiepie, with the most subscribed channel in the world, has noticed some serious inconsistencies.

Hundreds of creators are already worried about their audiences stagnating or losing interest; so actual site-related problems such as this are a loud wake-up call to encourage viewers and creators alike to share content they enjoy. Annoyingly, this is one step many forget - or just don't bother - to take.

Despite dozens of creators weighing in with their issues, with screenshots to back them up, both YouTube and creator-focused account @YTCreators have yet to publicly respond.

Sort it out, YouTube.