CONFIRMED: Vine's Comeback Begins Sooner Than You Think

10 January 2018, 16:35 | Updated: 10 January 2018, 16:58

Vine 2 Logo
Vine 2 Logo. Picture: Dom Hofmann

By Josh Lee

Vine's creator has announced the next big comeback milestone just one month after revealing V2.

Whether it's because there's been a big, Vine-shaped hole in your heart since the six-second app shut down last year, or just because you want to see Lele Pons returned to her natural habitat, chances are you've been waiting for Vine to come back with extremely bated breath. Well, the wait is almost over... sort of.

Just one month after announcing V2 - the second incarnation of the much loved Vine - Vine's creator Dom Hoffmann has revealed that Vine's community forums will launch on January 17th - just one week away.

The launch of the community follows Dom's pledge to "foster a civilised, kind, inclusive and absolutely non-toxic community."

It's still unknown when the actually app will be ready for us to download, but with the first part of Vine's comeback beginning so soon, we can't help but think it won't be long.

Since Vine's return was confirmed, fans have had a lot of opinions on which former Viners should and should not return

Logan and Jake Paul were popular choices as far as who shouldn't return to Vine was concerned, but a few others were called out too.

Of course, the original Vine app wasn't without its problems, and we reckon there are seven mistakes Vine 2 needs to avoid if the second coming of the best app ever is to be a success.