Have A Vine Account? Your Email Address & Phone Number May Have Been Exposed

22 May 2017, 14:50 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Vine's parent company Twitter says that a 'bug' means that many Vine accounts may have been exposed to third parties, including personal information

Twitter, the parent company of the late, (somewhat) great video app Vine has announced a 'bug'; which may have caused a large amount of personal user information to be exposed.

The app was closed at the beginning of the year; but was replaced with an archive site. This allows you to view Vines, but never make any new ones. It is a haunting digital graveyard full of the 'do it for the Vine' performances and weirdly racist comedy skits that made Vine what it was.

A number of email addresses and phone numbers associated with Vine accounts may have been exposed.

They have sent out email warnings to people they believe may have been affected; but at this point it may be wise to re-secure (or simply close) your old account, just to be on the safe side.

“We have no information indicating that any user information impacted by this incident has been misused,” writes Twitter. “It’s always a good idea to be cautious of emails or text messages received from unknown senders.”

In a separate email message to potential victims shared by Techcrunch, Twitter added: “we take these incidents very seriously, and we’re sorry this occurred."

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