A Man Had A Seizure Inside A VRChat And These Gamers Responded In The Best Way

19 January 2018, 13:09

VRChat seizure
VRChat seizure. Picture: YouTube
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

It's a very surreal, but ultimately heartwarming video

YouTuber Rogue Shadow VR has captured the moment that a user in VRChat had a seizure while playing the game.

His fellow users at unsure at first if he is being serious, but the quickly realise something is very wrong. Then follows an extremely surreal, but heartwarming scene, as the other VRChat users gather around the man and attempt to comfort him.

Rogue Shadow noted in the comments of the video that the user is thankfully now fine and gave his permission for the video to be posted:

"This video was posted with the explicit, documented permission by the individual who had this seizure. Furthermore this individual was not harmed or injured before, during, or after this video and is perfectly fine at the time of this upload. This video is being shared for the purposes of spreading awareness of epilepsy which must be considered with the emergence of virtual reality on both the industry and individual users scale. This is also being shared for the purpose of analyzing and documenting the nature of this occurrence and the reactions of bystanders in Virtual Reality which is an unprecedented situation."