YouTubers Now Can’t Make Money On Sexual, Vulgar And Controversial Videos

1 September 2016, 14:37 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

The YouTube community is NOT happy right now.

The YouTube community never seem to experience a moment of peace. With PieDiePie being suspended from Twitter and Keemstar just being a vulgar thing that exists, will we ever live through a 24-hour window on YouTube when something doesn't kick off? It doesn't look like it will be today, because YouTube just changed it's Terms Of Service and now EVERYONE is hella angry.

It looks as though YouTube has added some strange new words to their TOS which means that they now have broader reasons to "demonetise" videos if they don't comply with their idea of "advertiser friendly content". This ranges from "controversial subjects" and "sexual humour" to something so vague as "vulgar language" - and let's be honest, if YouTube was to act hard on these new rules, most of the channels might as well just pack up and leave.


[Source: Twitter]

Instead of coming into play over the next few days, creators are already seeing flags appear on previous videos for "content that might not be appropriate for advertising" - in fact, Philip DeFranco has had 12 of his videos from the past year already demonetised. It truly begs the question as to whether YouTube are doing this to ensure they have "an easy way out for when they delete things", or whether they're "trying to push some of us off the site" - which DeFranco goes into more detail about in the video below.

Even relatively innocent creators such as Melanie Murphy have been affected, with her acne videos being demonetised for "graphic content". We're not sure if YouTube are intentionally calling the appearance of acne vulgar or "graphic", but a lot of creators feel as though this mix of censorship and accidental shaming will eventually come to ruin the social media platform they make a living from.

Arin Hanson, the host over at Game Grumps, tweeted to his fanbase why the changes won't have too much of an impact on their content even though they fall heavily under the bracket of "vulgar language" - "You know we're not really quiet about dumb shit like this on the show, so if it does directly affect us we'll let you know loudly... And in the event YouTube does explode and become stupid and unusable, we'll just find somewhere else".

For anybody looking for more information on how these changes are directly affecting YouTubers, look no further than Philip DeFranco's video on the subject, "YouTube Is Shutting Down My Channel". He describes how the new rules are essentially "a new form of censorship" to stop his "dirty horrible filthy mouth" - so it looks like we won't be Beautiful Bastards anymore! Once you've checked out the video, let us know in the comments how you feel about the new TOS's, it will surely be a massive topic of conversation over the next few days.


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