Emma Blackery Just Dragged This Wannabe YouTuber For Copying Her Entire Video

1 August 2017, 13:24 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

Emma Blackery Unhappy

By Liam Dryden

Emma's "If Websites Started Dating" has over 3million YouTube views - but that didn't stop an amateur vlogger from copying the whole thing.

So every YouTuber can admit in 2017 that originality is hard. Because people come up with similar video ideas all the time; and depending on their audiences, can easily be unreasonably dragged for "ripping off" an idea. However, in Emma Blackery's case today, she probably has the right to call someone all the way out for blatant theft.

An aspiring YouTuber has copied a viral video of Emma's from 2015.

Emma's sketch 'If Websites Started Dating' personifies everything you love (and hate) about your favourite social media sites; then puts them in the dating seat. Emma plays every role, and the sketch now has over 3 million views - her 4th most popular video of all time.


But that didn't stop another "creator" from borrowing its script for his own video.

The aptly-named ShamManTV, a seemingly new YouTuber with under 200 subscribers, uploaded his own video titled "IF SOCIAL MEDIA SITES STARTED DATING" yesterday. But the funny thing about this sketch isn't the jokes - because they're all Emma's. With barely any changes to the original script for her video, ShamManTV has made a direct recreation; and failed to credit her in any way, shape or form.

emma blackery

Of course Emma's having none of that.

Taking to Twitter, where ShamMan has shared the video several times already to his 18,000 followers, Emma responded in the most Emma way possible; biting sarcasm and a big ol' swear.

emma blackery

Having brought light to the plagiarism, Emma's followers are doing the rest of the work. ShamMan's replies and video comments are full of people calling out the blatant theft; while she gives him the chance to respond before taking further action.



Sadly, this isn't a new issue.

Other creators such as Matthew Santoro weighed in with their own experiences of content theft; as YouTubers from all over the world are guilty of boosting their channels with content from creators outside of their communities.


ShamMan has yet to remove the video or respond to any of the backlash received.

Whether he will or not is another matter; but hopefully it will be a while before he decides to lift another person's content.


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