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6 October 2017, 09:00 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:43

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By Josh Lee

Of course you love YouTube. It's 2017 - at this point you'd have to be living in a cave with no wi-fi to not be obsessed. But with so many now stanning for the platform, it's time to separate the fair weather fans from the diehard devotees. And our upcoming We The Unicorns book gives you the perfect chance to do just that.

Our Next We The Unicorns Book, 'Only True YouTube Fans Will Complete This Quiz Book' Is Out Now!

Our book is packed from cover to cover with hilarious quizzes which will challenge and entertain you - as well as give you bragging rights when you completely boss them all. Plus, there are loads of completely exclusive quizzes and games inside that haven't been seen on the We The Unicorns website - or anywhere else for that matter. Take a sneaky peak at what awaits you below - from trivia and true or false to YouTube culture pop quizzes, there's everything inside to help you prove your YouTube fan credentials once and for all.


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When Is 'Only True YouTube Fans Will Complete This Quiz Book' out?

Our brand new quiz book is out now, and it's available to order now on Amazon.


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