We The Unicorns To Release A Series Of Books!  

30 June 2017, 15:07 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Team Unicorns

It's here, it's here, it's finally here!

We’ve teased, taunted and maybe even slightly terrified you with the news that we would be making a big announcement today. And now, we can finally reveal exactly what’s going on…

We’re releasing a series of We The Unicorns books!

That’s right guys, we’re joining the crčme de la crčme of the YouTube world, with a series of We The Unicorns books that will be hitting your shelves very, very soon.

From tips on how to become a YouTuber in ‘Vlogging 101: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A YouTuber’ to exclusive quizzes in  ‘Only True YouTube Fans Will Complete This Quiz Book’, there’s something for all YouTube fans to get excited about.

We’ll be bringing you a look back on the the year’s biggest news stories in the ‘We the Unicorns YouTube Yearbook’ (bet you forgot 54% of the them) and suggesting hundreds of ideas for starting your own channel in your very own planner; ‘My Year Of YouTube.’

All of the books are available to pre-order now on Amazon.co.uk

(If you’re outside the UK, we’ll keep you updated on when you can get your hands on them – and if you can’t wait, just order from the Amazon UK store now.)


Find out more about the We The Unicorns books:


Vlogging 101: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A YouTuber

You’re always asking us questions about creating and shaping your YouTube channel – so we’ve packed the ultimate guide into one handy book. From the basics of getting started to nailing lighting and sound and even how to grow your audience on social media, Vlogging 101 brings you everything you need to get started and grow.

Pre-order We The Unicorns’ Vlogging 101: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a YouTuber now.

My Year of YouTube

Next up in the series is My Year of YouTube, a book quite literally filled with enough video ideas to get your channel through an entire year.

From spaces to write down your burning video ideas that you come up with at 4am after too many chicken nuggets to spaces to tick off your process (script, film, edit, upload, promote, repeat), you need this more in your life more than Evan Edinger needs puns.

Pre-order We The Unicorns’ My Year Of YouTube now.

YouTube Yearbook

This book features all the biggest, best and downright weird stories of the past twelve months. All those viral videos, PewDiePie rants and gross beauty trends, the YouTube Yearbook will literally being an heirloom and a literary classic.

Pre-order We The Unicorns’ YouTube Yearbook now.

Only True YouTube Fans Will Complete This Quiz Book

We couldn’t make a series of books without including one full of our ridiculous, stupid and highly intellectual quizzes. Everyone from Jim Chapman to Dan Howell has taken a We The Unicorn quiz, so you may as well join some pretty decent company. With exclusive never-been-seen-anywhere-else quizzes, you will literally never get bored in your entire life again.

Pre-order We The Unicorns’ Only True YouTube Fans Will Complete This Quiz Book’ now.

If you’re as excited as we are let us know using the hashtag #WTUbooksSave