WATCH: Pewdiepie Rates The Weirdest, Dankest Pewdiepie Memes On The Internet

5 September 2016, 17:47 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:44

pewdiepie memes

By Liam Dryden

Watch as Pewds reveals the most ridiculous memes his fans could muster and turns it into a positive community message!

Putting up with memes of yourself is one of the weirdest parts of being a YouTuber - especially when you have an audience as large and as mixed as Pewdiepie's. Everything from jokes about vegan bloggers to weirdly ungrammatical in-jokes make up the bizarro hellscape that is Pewdiepie memes; and luckily he's picked out some of the best.

pewdiepie memes

In a recent video from this week, Pewds goes through hundreds of submissions he received from his audience of all kinds of Pewdiepie memes - everything from his beard phase, to Jacksepticeye being the "Green Pewdiepie", to some nasty stuff involving trypophobia (major content warning for that one). It's an easy video to make and watch, and even ends on a positive note about the community that surrounds Felix and his videos.

"I really enjoy that you bros take my videos and you make your own kind of humour," admits Pewds. "We're all a part of a Pewdieverse, and I think that's important."

Check it out below.

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