The Top 3% Of YouTubers Dominate Video Views, Making It Harder For New Vloggers

6 March 2018, 17:32

PewDiePie. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

The stats don't lie.

Despite more and more people wanting to try their hand at become YouTube stars, the reality is that the vast majority just won't be able to make it. Now, new research from Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany, can explain why.

Big YouTubers are hogging all the views

It's no secret that the world's biggest YouTubers get more than their fair share of views, but newly published figures show just how big the problem is: 90% of all views on YouTube are shared between just the top 3% of YouTubers on the platform. This is up from 63% of views in 2006.

But all hope is not lost! The research also showed that there are ways to succeed on YouTube, if you're prepared to go niche. Sports, education, nonprofit, activism and people & vlogs are all areas you should avoid if you want to make it big. So think creative - maybe "extreme knitting" could be your ticket to fame?