Can You Handle This? The Most Unsettling Video In YouTube History

28 March 2017, 09:47 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

We the Unicorns

By Theo Araby-Kirkpatrick

Why would you do this to us?!

Do you lose your mind over boxes opened incorrectly? Or Sellotape that splits so you can't get a proper piece? How about uneven slices of cake? Well then this is going to be quite a painful experience for you!

German lifestyle vlogger Luksan Wonder has produced this masterpiece in denied gratification. Taking a break from the channel's usual life hacks, a long list of simple everyday tasks are completed in the least efficient ways you could think of.

From a puzzle left with a single piece missing, M&Ms; and Skittles mixed irreversibly, and the least effective removal of an egg from it's shell since HowToBasic came into our lives all join together in this horror show. You almost won't be able tear yourself away for fear of what will get done wrong next!

How long did you last? And how much did that treatment of a ruler hurt?