YouTube Admits It's "Let The LGBTQ+ Community Down"

2 July 2018, 13:47

LGBTQ+ YouTubers "let down"
LGBTQ+ YouTubers "let down". Picture: Various

By Josh Lee

"We're sorry and we want to do better"

YouTube have rounded off Pride Month with an apology to its LGBTQ+ creators, following months of spurious demonetizaton issues and homophobic pre-roll ads appearing on videos.

In a series of tweets, YouTube pledged to "do better" when it comes to looking after LGBTQ+ creators and audiences.

"We’ve... had issues where we let the LGBTQ community down – inappropriate ads and concerns about how we’re enforcing our monetization policy," YouTube wrote. "We're sorry and we want to do better."

They continued, "We’ve taken action on the ads that violate our policies, and we are tightening our enforcement. And when we hear concerns about how we’re implementing our monetization policy, we take them seriously and make improvements if needed.

"It's critical to us that the LGBTQ community feels safe, welcome, equal, and supported on YouTube. Your work is incredibly powerful and we are committed to working with you to get this right."

The apology was received with skepticism by LGBTQ+ YouTubers and fans alike. Stevie Boe hit back at their apology, outlining the real-world impact of demonetizing LGBTQ+ creators.

"You know that in 28 states you can get fired for being gay or trans?" Stevie wrote in a reply to YouTube's tweets. "A lot of the creates you are hurting with your 'oopsie' cannot LIVE when you abruptly rob them of potentially the only source of income they can get."