YouTube broke last night and people think it was Shane Dawson's fault

17 October 2018, 14:47

Shane Dawson YouTube is down
Shane Dawson YouTube is down. Picture: Video screengrab

By Chandni Sembhi

Shane Dawson broke YouTube for around 2 hours early this morning.

Just like Kim Kardashian broke the internet with that issue of Paper Magazine, docuseries legend, Shane Dawson broke YouTube with the most recent part of his latest series, which focuses on the relationships of fellow YouTuber, Jake Paul.

YouTube was down just after 2am GMT to just before 4am GMT, and people were pressed, stressed, and maybe depressed that they couldn't watch the latest and highly anticipated episode of the docuseries. (Unless they were asleep, in which case they missed out on all of this. )

While the exact cause of the problem hasn't been disclosed, the whole of twitter was pretty damn sure that it was because of Shane's much-anticipated upload. Fans had already had to wait an extra few days for the delayed release, and now YouTube wasn't working either? The devil was working hard... but God was working harder and we got some LIT memes out of the situation.

We still don't actually know why YouTube was down, so it's possible that maybe Shane Dawson's new documentary wasn't actually the cause... But with that much drama in one episode, who can really be sure.