YouTube Fandom Honesty Hour: 10 New Things We Learned From You On Twitter

9 November 2015, 13:31 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:32

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

The YouTube community got deep again. Are you ready for some harsh truths?

It's not very often that YouTubers and their fandoms let loose their real opinions online (who are we kidding, it's all the time);  but a hashtag will always bring everyone together.

Once again, #YouTubeFandomHonestyHour trended last night, as viewers and creators alike vented their feelings on the platform and its community. Nothing was safe: Everything from meet-ups, to underrated YouTubers, to the endless stream of book deals was discussed in full by thousands of people.

After some epic perusal of the hashtag, we spotted some new trends of thought, and put together a list of the more common opinions from last night. Are you ready for some harsh truths? Of course you are. Read on!


1. People are finding it even harder to start YouTube because of the video quality of top channels.


2. The line between "YouTuber" and "celebrity" is even more blurry and confusing and weird.


3. Some YouTubers might actually be robots.


4. Diversity is STILL a huge problem.


5. People still want bigger YouTubers to use their platform for real issues.


6. Anxiety is still being trivialised.


7. Gamers need more love.


8. Paid meet-ups are getting out of hand.


9. Even creators have their problems in the community.


10. But regardless of all the flaws in the community, fandoms, content and even the site itself, we still love all of it.

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