So #YTFandomHonestyHour Happened And Y'all Were Shady AF

2 June 2016, 10:37 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:35

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

It's our favourite time of the day...

Every so often, the Internet God's look down upon us and gift us one of the most beautiful and eye-opening Twitter trends in the world... the #YTfandomhonestyhour. Whether you want to dish the dirt on your favourite YouTuber or get real shady about certain individuals, the honesty hour was set up by fans who just wanted to get down and dirty about YouTube. And boy do we LOVE it.

We've rounded up some of our favourite and most thought-provoking tweets from the evening and broke them down in five talking points based on the fact that everyone was talking about them. If you contributed to the trend and want to share your thoughts on any of the categories below, send over your tweets and we could feature them in the article!



One of the main topics of conversation last night were Zoe and Joe Sugg, one of, if not THE, most powerful families on YouTube. Thanks to a lot of mainstream press coverage since the last honesty hour based on Zoe's earnings, her nipples and a "sexy Snapchat selfie", fans were very open about how they felt about the new representation of their YouTube idols. Fans also got shady about Joe and Caspar's movie, Hit The Road, saying it was "scripted"... but that's for y'all to fight about.


Everyone loves a good subtweet, be it about your mom, your BFF or even a YouTuber. Below are some of the particularly shady subtweets that stood out to us, especially in reference to YouTuber books (which we'll come onto more later on) and YouTuber's who are quickly becoming classified as "problematic" by their fans.


Thankfully, the trend wasn't just open for the fans, because creators were able to let out their concerns and issues as well. Out of a huge bunch of troubled YouTubers we could have selected, the ones below highlight certain creators who were genuinely struggling with something to do with their channel, and wanted to vent their frustration. Hannah Witton's revelation about wanting to vlog more but was scared about the effect it would have on her channel is particularly poignant to a lot of up-and-coming YouTubers.


Obviously, as the tag #YTfandomhonesty hour would suggest, the topic of fandoms was one of the main talking points. Either as a die-hard fan scared of abuse, some concerned individuals embarrassed about their secret fan account or even a large majority of people shaming others for the level of their "fangirling", y'all really went to town on this topic and drew out a lot of interesting discussions. And don't worry, we have covered the term fandom in the general sense of the word, as no single YouTuber has a perfect collection of hardcore followers, as you'll see in just a second...


And finally, but most predictably, fans on Twitter last night at a lot to say about YouTuber books, movies, TV shows and well, anything to do with them being successful outside of their YouTube channel. With observations about YouTube becoming more like a "business platform" now and how every single YouTuber is seemingly releasing a new book everyday, fans clearly have some issues about their idols and their emerging fame.


Did YOU contribute to the #YTfandomhonestyhour? Do you agree with any of the shady talking points we've raised in this article? Let us know in the comments below how you feel about YouTube or this fandom trend. But if you want some more YouTuber news and gossip, check out our weekly episode of SLAY or NAY, where we bring you all the latest happenings from the Internet world.