YouTube's New Feature Will Keep Your Guilty Viewing Pleasures A Secret

11 July 2018, 12:21

YouTube's introduced an incognito mode
YouTube's introduced an incognito mode. Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

YouTube has just introduced an incognito browsing mode - but not everyone can access it.

Today, YouTube rolled out the brand new feature, which keeps your search and watch history a secret while it's activated, just to Android app users. While fans hope that it will be soon rolled out across iOS and the desktop site, YouTube have not announced plans to extend introduce incognito mode across platforms.

How to turn on YouTube's incognito mode?

1. Launch the YouTube app on an Android device

2. Tap your profile picture

3. Tap "turn on Incognito" on of the drop-down menu that appears

While incognito mode keeps your searching habits safe, there are a couple of drawbacks to using the feature:

1. You can't access your subscriptions, inbox or library when you go incognito

2. You can't save videos to playlists