YouTube Just Appointed An AWESOME Global Director Of Diversity

22 July 2016, 16:29 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Lea Rice

This kickass lady is going to BRING IT.

YouTube have finally hired their new Global Director of Diversity - an important job that can only go the the most tenacious, equality-fuelled, no-bullsh*t person available. We can now reveal that that person is UK Labour politician and ex-Channel 4 Head of Diversity; Oona King. Oona made history back in 1997, when she became the second black woman ever to join the House of Lords. Now, she'll be the person ensuring that the YouTube platform represents creators and content to an equal and inclusive extent. It sounds like she knows exactly what she's doing, and we're thrilled.

This is by no means the first move YouTube have made to show they welcome creators of every background, race, gender persuasion and sexuality - just take a look at the #ProudToLove and YouTube Music campaigns, which celebrated and support the LGBT community as well as the most diverse lineup of musical talent available on the platform.

The Baroness, 48, is excited to take up the role, calling it "an amazing opportunity to go where the most exciting ideas are coming from. It's looking at the future of broadcast, because YouTube is the future of broadcasting."

Oona King is taking a leave of absence from her parliamentary position. Rumours are that Brexit and the leadership of the Labour Party's current head honcho, Jeremy Corbin, are partly to blame for her swift exit from the world of politics. She said, "I joined Labour because I wanted Britain to have a Labour prime minister. Until we change our leader I don’t think that’s a possibility.” She also called the state of the Labour party "desperately sad".

Details on when Oona will be taking up the role in YouTube's San Francisco HQ is still TBC. At present, she is unsure whether the move across the pond will be permanent for her and her family.