YouTubers Are Suing YouTubers... WTF?

11 December 2015, 15:12 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

It's all kicking off in the court rooms for these YouTubers!

Content control is a massive issue on YouTube, with big name stars like Grace Helbig getting caught in her own copyright struggles with old company My Damn Channel all those years ago. However, this new catfight is taking it all the way to the courtroom!

Serial prankster and 'love him or hate him' comedian SoFloAntonio has decided that enough is enough, as some YouTubers have taken to their channels to discuss their dislike of SoFlo publicly. Below is h3h3Productions doing a damn fine job of summarising why Antonio has come to be hated amongst the YouTube community.

The argument comes from three YouTube channels that have actively preached their dislike towards Antonio's 'freebooted' material and inability to create original or compelling work. By pasting his own face in the front of lesser known Vines and YouTube videos, Antonio gives the illusion of a successful content creator when he in fact uses other people's work with zero credit but 100% personal pay-off.

The other channels involved, Lewis Spears, and Marcus Dibble have each posted extensive videos on their channels over the past few months regarding their unhappiness towards the way SoFlo has been running his social media pages. But apparently this has now crossed a legal line in Antonio's mind.

Antonio has reached out to these three channels asking them to remove any content in which they discuss or use any videos which feature his face/brand, stating that him and his company don't want any affiliation with their respective thoughts. This reaction is now being mocked amongst the community as it literally comes from a creator whose fame is based off stealing and repurposing other people's content.

The threats came with a warning that lawsuits and courtroom battles would follow if the three target channels did not comply, but, especially in the case of Lewis Spears, Antonio's words mean nothing to him. If anything, it made SoFlo look even worse in their eyes.

What do you think about the situation? Does Antonio has the right to as other channels not to use his brand, or he is painfully unaware of how ironic the whole situation is? Let us know below!