YouTube NextUp: We Chat To Some Of The 2016 Winners

11 April 2016, 15:39 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is one of the most important YouTube competitions you could win.

A month ago, YouTube kick-started the competition that EVERY small creator wants to win - YouTube NextUp. After receiving "hundreds of entries from channels of all kinds - from fashion to science, sports to food and everything in between", YouTube have painstakingly picked their final 51 winning channels and We The Unicorns were able to get exclusive interviews with three of the next generation of YouTubers you 100% must-watch.

As well as winning $2,500 (or Ł1,750) vouchers to spend on production equipment and "a spot at a weeklong creator camp at a YouTube Space" near them, they get entered into the YouTube Hall of Fame alongside other creators who have won the competition in the past. The winners will be getting "advice from YouTube NextUp grads" such as Cassey Ho, Marcus Butler and Jack & Dean as well as "the opportunity to meet and work with other fast-rising creators in the program". You can find the full list of winners below:


Here are the incredible UK winners: "doyouknowellie, Bird Keeper Toby, Adriana Braje, Steven Bridges, Hannah Leigh, Cheap Lazy Vegan, LoseitlikeLauren, Carly Toffle, Laurbubble, Mike Boyd, Anna Johnson, Philosophy Tube, Cameron Sanderson, Maggy Woodley, Thelaserbearguy, Philip Green”.

Here are the exciting US winners from across the pond: “Akeem Lawanson, Kriscoart Productions, Retro Weld, iIMAGINEblank, Rikki Pynter, DrumBeatsOnline, Congahead, Beatbox Television, Jessica Flores, Jackson Bird, Origami Tree, Simple English Videos, Tim Bryan, Tracy Campoli, The Art Sherpa, Greg’s Garage, Jasmine Rose, Angel Wong’s Kitchen, imSarahSnitch, SammieSpeaks, Painting With Jane, Studio Knit, Vagabrothers, Eddie G!, Cordero Roman, Sarah Croce, SkittLeZMusicTV, Mr Fix It, Socratica, HouseofHaute, Nic and Pancho, Rayann410, Dahlia & Dia, Kat McDowell, Ali Spagnola".

We had the amazing opportunity to speak to three of the UK winners about the fact they've won as well as finding out their hopes for the coming months. Make sure you check out their channel trailers and click the link to subscribe!


Matt Ley (thelaserbearguy)

"Being selected for NextUp is a real honour! Honestly I was a little worried when applying - the state of YouTube these days means animators rarely get a look-in, but I guess the Internet gods were smiling on me! I'm really looking forward to the course, I already know a handful of the other creators who were selected and they're all great. Pumped to make some new friends too!

I'm really hoping this will be a step in the right direction for YouTube in terms of supporting animators again - the way things are going at the moment every little helps really. I plan to make the most of this opportunity and use the support I get to breathe a bit of life back into my channel!"


Ellie Spigariol (doyouknowellie)

"I am just so happy, especially considering I am not originally from the UK. It makes me feel part of this community after all these years here and  it's for me an investment towards filmmaking and storytelling which is what I ultimately want to do - I mean, without making fun of myself in sketches forever, I guess but evolving and getting better as well!

I am literally so honoured it's almost ridiculous. Studying and working is hard and London is expensive so this is a massive help for me. I want to make more short films, generating awareness for important themes like mental health and give a voice to my stories and people'a struggle. Genuinely, can't wait to start this journey."

Steven Bridges (StevenBridgesTV)

"I am SO happy to be one of the 2016 NextUp winners. I can't wait for the creator-camp, I'm expecting it to be pretty intense but really beneficial. I'm at that point where I'm both feeling really excited about my channel and also not 100% sure exactly what direction I should be taking it in.

There's lots of stuff I feel I could be better at and improve on so I think creator-camp will really help me up my game. I'm also looking forward to meeting the other creators and hopefully getting a few videos filmed!"