Your Parents Like YouTube More Than You, Which Seems Kinda F*cked Up

11 May 2017, 14:58 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

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By Liam Dryden

Is your dad a secret Dan & Phil fan?

So we all like to believe that the older generation, especially our parents, just don't quite "get" YouTube. True - it's fun to treat this Google-owned media giant as our secret little corner of the internet; but if the numbers are anything to go by, this might not be the case for much longer.

Data from a recent survey shows that YouTube is a lot more favoured by the older generation than millennials.

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Yeah, we're just as shocked as you.

A recent survey from Business Insider revealed some surprising stats about how baby boomers and millennials perceive YouTube at the moment; and from their data, three things in particular stood out:

Baby boomers are far more likely to trust videos on YouTube.

With the rise of "fake news" and "alternative facts", it's no wonder that the younger generation is a lot more skeptical of things they see online. But the figures presented reveal that they are less than half as likely to believe a YouTube video than their older counterparts. Bit scary when an alt-right YouTube troll could be responsible for how your Grandad votes.

older generation youtube business insider statsStats on digital trust by generation. [Business Insider]

Baby boomers feel safer participating on YouTube.

It might have something to do with the notorious garbage fire that is YouTube's comments section, or the amount of troll vloggers shouting down progressive creators; but when asked which social media platform they felt safest posting on, millennials decidedly went elsewhere.

Millennials are less willing to share content on YouTube. Seriously.

This one feels like nonsense; because it was our generation that pioneered YouTube content, right? ...Right? Well the data suggests differently. This might have more to do with the commercial side of YouTube, where brands are much more open to sharing with a wider audience. But, it could also have a lot to do with how difficult a lot of young people think becoming a YouTuber actually is these days.

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So what's the deal, #teens? Is YouTube just not cool anymore, or are Business Insider asking the wrong focus group? Last time we checked, YouTube was pretty much unstoppable (if not without its flaws). Though if things continue the way they are with the Adpocalypse, we could be looking into leaving YouTube for the grown-ups, after all.

See the full results of this slightly upsetting survey at Business Insider.

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