YouTube Is Finally About To Overtake TV With This Enormous Stat

28 February 2017, 12:38 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:24

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Internet killed the TV star.

More and more people are watching YouTube every day; so we shouldn't be shocked every time they drop a huge stat on us. But this latest one, reported by the Wall Street Journal, is big. Think TV-killingly big.

YouTube viewers are now watching over 1 billion hours of video a day.

youtube vs tv

This has been calculated as a tenfold increase in viewership just since 2012. YouTube are crediting the use of algorithms and site updates; keep you glued to a never-ending stream of your favourite stuff. And considering American viewers watch about 1.25 billion hours of YouTube per day, it looks like the video giant is quickly catching up.

"The corpus of content continues to get richer and richer by the minute," YouTube's chief product officer Neal Mohan tells the WSJ. "And machine-learning algorithms do a better and better job of surfacing the content that an individual user likes."

And he's not wrong; With over 400 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute, there is constantly something new for online audiences to watch. Upsettingly, we remember when that figure was just 24 hours per minute; and that felt like a lot.

So it's no wonder TV is having a hard time keeping up.