John Green Just Explained Why Politics Is Intrinsically Linked To YouTube

24 January 2017, 11:52 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is hugely important.

Let's just get something out in the open right now - the political climate is incredibly heated right now, isn't it? With Trump having just taken his seat in the White House and the UK currently deciding whether or not to tear itself away from Europe, it looks like 'politics' is the word on everybody's lips right now - but what exactly does it have to do with YouTube?

Thankfully, if you've been wondering why YouTubers are being so politically motivated recently, John Green is here to make one thing very, very clear: politics affects YouTube and YouTubers way more than you think.

John's latest tweet is dedicated to reminding people about the values of Net Neutrality as Trump appoints a brand new head of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) who want to "kill" it "as soon as possible".

So, Net Neutrality... what the hell is it?! Basically, the Internet is provided by the likes of Verizon, Virgin Media and more but they have absolutely no say or control over what their paying customers access or get up to. Because of this, people are able to innovate and create whatever they want on the Internet, meaning websites like YouTube are started and only flourish thanks to the vibrant and creative actions of real people. This could all change if Net Neutrality is abolished.

Here's a really good simile to help you understand what happen if Net Neutrality is removed: Imagine if your phone provider heard you having a conversation on the phone with someone they don't like. They could make your signal worse to try and shut the conversation down, or make you pay even more money a month just to be able to talk to that person anymore. It's essentially censorship.

So the next time someone tries to tell you that your passion in YouTube has nothing to do with politics, you fight back and tell them that the US Government is about to change the Internet for everyone - and not just for people who like watching Zoella videos. If you don't want to see your favourite websites go behind paywalls, head over to and take action/donate to try to keep the Internet available to all.

If you're still a bit confused about Net Neutrality and the importance of politics in the YouTube community, check out this College Humour video below - we're pretty sure it'll answer your burning questions!