This Is How Many Emergency Callouts There Were Last Year Because of YouTube Pranksters

22 January 2018, 09:43

YouTube pranks gone wrong
YouTube pranks gone wrong. Picture: Twitter

By Josh Lee

YouTube pranks gone wrong are becoming a serious burden.

British emergency services have slammed YouTubers after almost 3,000 emergency services call outs last year were related to YouTube pranks gone wrong.

From YouTubers teaching dogs how to Nazi salute, to jamming heads into microwave ovens, emergency services in the UK had to deal with all sorts of preventable nonsense from would-be pranksters trying to grab their 15 seconds of viral fame - with a whopping 2,794 callouts made in 2017 alone.

According to the Daily Mail, the northern county of Merseyside saw the most YouTube-related emergency call-outs in 2017, with 457 incidents being referred to the emergency services.

While YouTube says that it "prohibits content that's intended to encourage dangerous activities that have an inherent risk of physical harm," the website is rife with dangerous and down-right stupid prank attempts and stunts. Most recently, it had to put out a notice to stop users sharing videos of themselves attempting to eat washing detergent.